Welcome to my online cake company.

My name is Elena, and I am the owner and a pastry chef of the E.M. Artisan Cakery.

I started E.M. Artisan Cakery in 2017 as a creative outlet along with my corporate career in aviation business.

It all started as a challenge to make those stunning sweets that we see on shelves in shops and on Instagram pages. There were a lot of questions: how to make a flat top cake? How to make a glossy chocolate figurine? How to make those beautiful chocolate golden sails and edible flowers? Answers rose more questions, the questions became more difficult, and the answers became more interesting.

In the past years, I have traveled to London, Paris, Sydney, Brisbane for demonstrations, workshops, master classes and exhibitions. My dream is that in Melbourne you would enjoy not only natural, delightful cakes with bright filling, appreciate the depth of the taste of real chocolate but also find it in that beautiful immaculate artistic appearance.